Not able to see sdk manager tool in Eclipse Juno 4.2.1

I want to create my first Android application using Eclipse Juno 4.2.1.

I installed Android from this link but it seems to have an error.

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  • I am not able to see the option “Android Project”. I tried using the other available option called “Android Application Project”. When I try to open this it shows me an error:

    “Your tools information needs to be out of date(Or not yet installed).
    Please update android sdk tools”..

    How can I resolve this?

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “Not able to see sdk manager tool in Eclipse Juno 4.2.1”

    For getting sdk manager tool options in Eclipse Juno 4.2.1 Simple steps.

    Window—->Customize Perspective—>Command Groups Availability

    And then Simply check Android SDK and AVD Manager.

    Please install the ADT plugin from this link or if you already have it then update the ADT plug in using the normal eclipse update flow:

    Updating the ADT Plugin

    To update the ADT plugin to the latest version, follow these steps:

    1. Select Help > Check for Update …
    2. If any update for ADT or Android tools is available, select and install.

    1> Go to install new software in help menue of eclipse and get ADT plugin from

    2> Go to android sdk manager in windows tab of eclipse.

    3> Give the path of the downloaded sdk . Download it from here

    4> Update the android sdk tools to revision 20

    5> Update the android sdk platform tools to revision 12

    6> First remove the android support lib in extras and then update it to the latest available revision

    7> Restart eclipse.

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