Margin does not impact in “include”

I have a view with articles. It uses “include”, and I’m trying to make a little margin between them. However, “android:layout_marginTop” does not seem to have any impact on the layout.

What am I doing wrong?

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  • <LinearLayout 
        android:orientation="vertical" >    
        <include android:id="@+id/article1" layout="@layout/mainarticle" />
        <include android:id="@+id/article2" android:layout_marginTop="10dip" layout="@layout/article" />
        <include android:id="@+id/article3" android:layout_marginTop="10dip" layout="@layout/article" />
        <include android:id="@+id/article4" android:layout_marginTop="10dip" layout="@layout/article" />
        <include android:id="@+id/article5" android:layout_marginTop="10dip" layout="@layout/article" />    

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  • 4 Solutions collect form web for “Margin does not impact in “include””

    You should add the android:layout_width and android:layout_height attributes in the include tag. Otherwise, the margins are not taken into consideration.

    However, if you want to override layout attributes using the <include> tag, you must override both android:layout_height and android:layout_width in order for other layout attributes to take effect.

    include tag support below properties:

    1. Any android:layout_* attributes which you can overwrite.

    2. android:id attribute.

    3. layout attribute.
    4. android:visibility attribute.


    include android:id=”@+id/news_title”

    Please read:

    I had the same problem and the answer from Kamen Goranchev doesn’t work for me.

    I have used ADT’s feature “Extract include…” from the layout editor to extract some commonly used badges as a list of TextView-elements. So the Extract-include-tool wrapped my TextView-Elements in a merge-tag, which usually would be fine.

    But, according to the very helpful sourcecode-link from boiledwater I see in line 888, the layout-attributes from the include-tag itself are only parsed if the include doesn’t have the merge-tag as its root-element.

    So I removed the merge-tag from the include and used another ViewGroup-tag like e.g. FrameLayout. Then the margins in the include-tag are working as expected.

    Another solution would be to add Space before include:

            android:layout_width="match_parent" />
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