Launch custom Gradle Android build in Android Studio

Is there an easy way to build, install, and auto-launch a custom Gradle build in Android Studio?

Build android project android studio

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    gradle configuration android studio

    How can I do this with specific Build/Product flavors (using Gradle)? I’ve gotten as far as creating a Gradle configuration that runs the task “installFlavor1.” This installs correctly, but it doesn’t auto-launch the app.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Launch custom Gradle Android build in Android Studio”

    You can always select a different buildVariant from the buildVariant window on Android Studio. And then if you press the run/play button you should be able to install and run the app on your device/emulator.

    build variants

    And also for me running gradlew install** on the terminal does not launch the app.
    If that’s something you are looking for then take a look at build.gradle and buildhelper.gradle here

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