kill a process running in the android emulator

How do I kill an application running in the emulator? I mean manually and not through code.

The Settings->Apps->Running tab does not display my application and Dev Tools->Running Processes lists my application but I don’t see how to kill the process. I don’t see any option in adb to kill a process either.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “kill a process running in the android emulator”

    If you want to kill without ddms :

    Use this to list the processes and their pid’s

    adb shell ps 

    and go for the kill using

    adb shell kill <PID>

    Where <PID> is the Process you want to kill (int)

    Go to DDMS and select your App process. Click STOP icon in upper-right-hand side. It will kill the process.

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