encodes space as + but I need %20

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  • URLEncoder not able to translate space character

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    Android has it’s own Uri class which you could use.


    String url = Uri.parse("").buildUpon()
        .appendQueryParameter("q", "foo bar")
        .appendQueryParameter("xml", "<Hellö>")

    results in

    Uri Encodes characters in the given string as ‘%’-escaped octets using the UTF-8 scheme. Leaves letters (“A-Z”, “a-z”), numbers (“0-9”), and unreserved characters (“_-!.~'()*”) intact.

    Note: only _-.* are considered unreserved characters by URLEncoder. !~'() would get converted to %21%7E%27%28%29.

    You have to replace the + by yourself.


    System.out.println("Hello World", "UTF-8").replace("+", "%20"));

    For more look at this post:

    URLEncoder not able to translate space character

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