Is there a way to let Android NDK-build use a newer version of gcc?

I installed Android NDK r5b Windows version, and I use cygwin to compile the C code.

I see the NDK-build is actually calling
C:\android-ndk-r5b\toolchains\arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.3\prebuilt\windows\bin\arm-linux-androideabi-gcc-4.4.3 to compile. I wonder if there is a way to let NDK-build use a newer version of gcc?

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  • The reason I want to do this is:

    Gcc4.4.3 has known bug on generating not optimal assembly code for certain NEON intrinsics

    The newly released GCC 4.6 claims that it has some improvements for ARM and intrinsics. So I want try to have NDK-build use GCC4.6.

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    I believe your question would be answered by this NDK documentation: docs/STANDALONE-TOOLCHAIN.html. It sounds to me like you know what you’re doing, so just heed the warnings and happy hacking. I believe section 3 “Invoking the compiler (the easy way)” is what you’re looking for.

    There is an alternative NDK build:

    It includes gcc 4.6.3.

    While trying to answer this myself I came across this, which is a step-by-step account of a man who successfully built the toolchain with GCC 4.6:

    Android NDK 8b is released, featuring GCC 4.6 as the default toolchain.

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