Is it possible to set a release date on the google play store?

On iOS it is possible to choose when you want your app to be visible on the store after it has been validated by Apple. Is this possible with Android and the Google Play Store?

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    This is now possible using “timed publishing”. It appears to be restricted to updates so it may not work for the initial launch unless the app is published to your alpha or beta channels first.

    Edit: This is now possible. See Eric P’s answer.

    No, this is not possible unfortunately. The best you can do is upload
    the apk and fill in the store listing information. Then, when you want
    to go live it’s just a matter of clicking ‘publish’. You can not do
    this automatically.

    No you can’t setting up release date on Google Play Store.

    Timed publishing is now available for the Google Play Store. After I submitted my app this option popped up.

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