Is it possible to change the style of an Android L TimePickerDialog?

I was testing my app on an Android L emulator, and I noticed that the TimePickerDialog has significantly changed to this:

Android L TimePickerDialog

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  • This doesn’t fit with the theme of my app, and I wanted to know if it is possible to get the old TimePickerDialog style when running on Android L.

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    You can use the TimePickerDialog constructor with theme parameter to specify the theme.

    TimePickerDialog(Context context, 
                     int theme, 
                     TimePickerDialog.OnTimeSetListener callBack, 
                     int hourOfDay, 
                     int minute, 
                     boolean is24HourView)

    Add android:timePickerMode=”spinner” to the XML


    You can choose between spinner or clock modes. This attribute is only available from API level 21, before that the spinner mode was the only option available.

    If you want the AM / PM to be a picker instead of a button then I recommend you use the single parameter constructor with a ContextThemeWrapper:

    new TimePicker(new ContextThemeWrapper(getActivity(),;

    AM-PM picker

    If you pass the theme into the multiple parameter constructor then you’ll end up with a rather ugly AM / PM button, and the colon will be missing between the hour and minute columns.

    new TimePicker(getActivity(), null, TimePickerDialog.THEME_HOLO_LIGHT);

    AM-PM button

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