Ionic 2 : Run a background service with cordova

I use Ionic 2 and I want to my app do some task when the app is closed. Something like Gmail who continue to notify all the time.

I found this :

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  • But I want to create a specific service with specifics method who run in background. This plugin all the application run in background.

    Someone can explain me how to do that ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Ionic 2 : Run a background service with cordova”

    I wanted to keep to received notifications when app is closed. I try a solution : Use Push Notification, Firebase for Android and APNS for iOS.
    This solution works but with 2 problems :

    • Have to use external services

    • It can be a little bit hard to configure

    I hope this can help. I know I don’t explain how we can have a service to run in background … But that is the solution for my problem.

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