Instrumented tests failure with AndroidJUnitRunner 1.0.0 and AssertJ

I’m trying to update my project to recently released Android Test Support library version 1.0.0. But if I add assertj-core dependency Gradle instrumented test tasks start to fail with “No tests found” message. I can successfully run individual tests from IDE though.

It is easy to reproduce the problem:

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    1. Create new project from Android Studio 3 with empty activity.
    2. Add assertj-core dependency.
    3. Run instrumentation tests from command line ./gradlew connectedDebugAndroidTest.

    Gradle script.

    android {
        defaultConfig {
            testInstrumentationRunner ""
    dependencies {
        implementation ''
        implementation ''
        testImplementation 'junit:junit:4.12'
        androidTestImplementation ''
        androidTestImplementation group: "org.assertj", name: "assertj-core", version: "2.8.0"

    Console output. > No tests found.
    [Nexus_4_API_25(AVD) - 7.1.1] FAILED 
    No tests found. This usually means that your test classes are not in the form that your test runner expects (e.g. don't inherit from TestCase or lack @Test annotations).

    Tests successfully run if downgrade to previous version 0.5.

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