In-App billing not working (Your request could not be processed)

Today I published my app, and when my friend tried to buy the in-app content the market says: “Your request could not be processed. please try again”.

A few clarifications:

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    1. The app was published more than 10 hours ago, and is visible in the google play store.
    2. The testing with google static codes DID work all the time
    3. The buying account is NOT the publisher account
    4. Most of the code is copied as is from google’s in-app billing example
    5. The in-app product IS shown correctly when trying to buy.
    6. The buyer has a valid credit card


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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “In-App billing not working (Your request could not be processed)”

    Couple of things you have to consider.

    1. Check the public key [Must be your account public key.]
    2. Check if your friend is in the test account list for that product.(Remove it)
    3. In your code use logcat to find the status code. (Use billing receiver for any purchase request code). or Error : Developer Error.

    4. Be sure you are signing with correct keystore.

    FYI onRequestPurchaseResponse() inside get the Response.

    Hope will help you.

    Are you from one of the accepted countries for In App Purchases by Google Play?

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