Implementing AsyncQueryHandler

I am trying to implement AsyncQueryHandler because I am experiencing the same exact problem in this link but I dont see any example or anything about implementing it.

I tried doing

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  • AsyncQueryHandler handler = new AsyncQueryHandler(getContentResolver());

    since that is what the constructor shows in the docs but I get an error saying cannot instantiate the type AsyncQueryHandler so how do I use it then?

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    AsyncQueryHandler is an abstract class, thus you cannot instantiate it directly. You need to subclass it.

    It’s so convenient:

    AsyncQueryHandler handler = 
        new AsyncQueryHandler(mActivity.getContentResolver()) {};
    handler.startUpdate(-1, null, sessionUri, values, null, null);

    It comes very handy when you need to do CRUD operationa async without using a Loader, so by extending from asyncquery you get method such as startQuery, startInsert, startUpdate and startDelete an easy implementation could be:

    public class CustomAsyncHandler extends AsyncQueryHandler {
            private WeakReference<AsyncQueryListener> mListener;
            public interface AsyncQueryListener {
                void onQueryComplete(int token, Object cookie, Cursor cursor);
            public CustomAsyncHandler(ContentResolver cr, AsyncQueryListener listener) {
                mListener = new WeakReference<AsyncQueryListener>(listener);
            public CustomAsyncHandler(ContentResolver cr) {
             * Assign the given {@link AsyncQueryListener} to receive query events from
             * asynchronous calls. Will replace any existing listener.
            public void setQueryListener(AsyncQueryListener listener) {
                mListener = new WeakReference<AsyncQueryListener>(listener);
            /** {@inheritDoc} */
            protected void onQueryComplete(int token, Object cookie, Cursor cursor) {
                final AsyncQueryListener listener = mListener.get();
                if (listener != null) {
                    listener.onQueryComplete(token, cookie, cursor);
                } else if (cursor != null) {

    As you can see there is an extra interface AsyncQueryListener created to be as a callback when query is completed, as this you can create AsyncUpdateListener, AsyncDeleteListener, AsyncInsertListener, and so on.

     AsyncQueryHandler asyncQueryHandler = new AsyncQueryHandler(activity.getContentResolver()){
            protected void onInsertComplete(int token, Object cookie, Uri uri) {
                super.onInsertComplete(token, cookie, uri);
                Log.d(TAG, "onInsertComplete  return uri: " + uri);
     asyncQueryHandler.startInsert(-1, null, mUri, values);
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