How to use MediaSessionCompat?

How do I use a MediaSessionCompat? Can someone give a simple working example?

I’ve found some, but they use:

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  • MediaSessionCompat _mediaSession = new MediaSessionCompat(context, "tag");

    This gives me error:
    The constructor MediaSessionCompat(Context, String) is undefined and wants me to use MediaSessionCompat(Context, String, ComponentName, PendingIntent)

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “How to use MediaSessionCompat?” in Support7Demos seems to be a good place to start.

    I found a working example here, which I tested both on kitkat and marshmallow.

    But do take note, sometimes, sometimes lock screen control don’t appear because of android settings(i.e Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Notification > While Locked > Hide Sensitive Content) See below:

    MediaSessionCompat is in and that is the Constructor it uses.. it is a backward compatibility for MediaSession introduced in api 21, and this is its Contrustor;. However if you want to use the Constructor you are referring to you need to compile your project with api 21+;

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