How to remove a preference from PreferenceActivity?

I’m using PreferenceActivity. How do I remove a preference? I cannot seem to get this to work:

Preference p = findPreference("grok");
boolean worked = getPreferenceScreen().removePreference(p);
// worked == false.

So the preference is found, but the removePreference() call fails. What’s the right way to do this? I’m using a preference.xml file for the keys like so:

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  • <PreferenceScreen
                android:key="grok" />


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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How to remove a preference from PreferenceActivity?”

    you can remove only exact child in PreferenceGroup. So in your case, you should add some key to PreferenceCategory (with title=”foo”), then findPreference with this key & then remove it child


            android:key="grok" />


    Preference p = findPreference("grok");
    // removing Preference
    ((PreferenceGroup) findPreference("category_foo")).removePreference(p);

    Instead of setting multiple ids, you can get the entire tree of preferences and find the parent of any preference, and then remove any of its children preferences:

    public static Map<Preference,PreferenceGroup> buildPreferenceParentTree(final PreferenceActivity activity)
        final Map<Preference,PreferenceGroup> result=new HashMap<Preference,PreferenceGroup>();
        final Stack<PreferenceGroup> curParents=new Stack<PreferenceGroup>();
          final PreferenceGroup parent=curParents.pop();
          final int childCount=parent.getPreferenceCount();
          for(int i=0;i<childCount;++i)
            final Preference child=parent.getPreference(i);
            if(child instanceof PreferenceGroup)
        return result;


      final Map<Preference,PreferenceGroup> preferenceParentTree=buildPreferenceParentTree(SettingsActivity.this);
      final PreferenceGroup preferenceParent=preferenceParentTree.get(preferenceToRemove);
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