How to remain at a scroll position in RecyclerView after adding items at its first index and call notifydatasetchange

I am using a RecyclerView, I add items before the first item, the scroll position moves up to the newly first item added. How can I maintain my scroll position after adding new items at its first index and call notifydatasetchange() ?

this is what i do in my adapter

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  •     mCurrentFragment.items.addAll(0, createLineItems(dataArrayList));

    Any suggestions ?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to remain at a scroll position in RecyclerView after adding items at its first index and call notifydatasetchange”

    There are two options:

    1. Use the more sophisticated versions of notify

      List newData = createLineItems(dataArrayList);
      mCurrentFragment.items.addAll(0, newData);
      notifyItemRangeInserted(0, newData.size());
    2. Use stable IDs. On your adapter override public long getItemId (int position) to make it return MEANINGFUL values and call setHasStableIds(true); on it.

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