How to put padding/spacing in-between list view item and scroll bar

I have a ListView where I want to put spacing/margin/padding in-between list view items and the scroll bar.

|List Item 1             |            |          |
+------------------------+            |          |
|List Item 2             |----Space---|  Scroll  |
+------------------------+            |    Bar   |
|List Item 3             |            |          |

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “How to put padding/spacing in-between list view item and scroll bar”

    I have found the solution:
    Set scroll bar style as outsideInset and then add scroll bar padding to right.


    That’s it!

    I wanted teh same with my TableLayout. Padding helped me out. For yuo it should be :


    YEs. If you add ListView in ScrollView, your listView will scroll with ScrollView.

    Try this. Hopefully it will give u your desired results.

    You must use Fragments.

    1º You load your content view, with 3 vertical layouts

    2º Then, use 3 fragments that you want, in different xml, and load the content in each one.

    3º Set the margin between layouts.

    You have a good example Here

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