How to play video as live wallpaper android?

Does anyone know how to play .mp4 video as live wallpaper?

I searched a lot, but couldn’t find the solution. I just found this one but I am not getting any idea from it.

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  • Please help me if you have any idea regarding this concept.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How to play video as live wallpaper android?”

    After spending 3 days finally I run this project in eclipse.

    I am sharing the steps as it may help others:

    Firstly, the most important thing is that Your project path and ndk path should not contain spaces else you will have problems following these steps. I also faced problems with it so please remove the spaces, if any.

    For example :-

    android ndk/Live wallpaper

    replace it with


    Following are steps :-

    1) Install NDK from Android NDK page
    (I used Ubuntu OS)

    2) Install plugins for NDK ( )

    3) Open your terminal and go to your project directory path

    For Example :- /yourprojectname$

    4) Now from your project directory path write Your Android NDk path

    For Example :-


    And Press Enter. This will give you a .so file which means the library file has been generated..

    You have done it successfully. If you are getting error(s) here then the installation and the other steps might be having error(s).

    Following links helped me in my research:




    And also thanks to Lazy Ninja for helping me.

    You are up on a good challenge, unless you are familiar with android ndk.
    There is the library ffmpeg which will save you some time.
    A tutorial on Video Live Wallpaper here.
    Go through part 1 -4.
    And here is a link of the project code.
    Hope it will help you get started.

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