How to know my Android application has been upgraded in order to reset an alarm?

I noticed that an alarm is disabled when the application which sets this alarm has been upgraded. Is that true ?

Until now, I used the SharedPreferences with a FIRST_RUN key in order to know if it’s the first run of my application. If I don’t find this key, I enable the alarm and set FIRST_RUN to false, else I do nothing.

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  • But I noticed also that these preferences remain intact between app upgrade !

    So after an upgrade, the FIRST_RUN key is already false, so I do nothing while my alarm need to be enabled.

    How to handle such case ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • 4 Solutions collect form web for “How to know my Android application has been upgraded in order to reset an alarm?”

    I’ve never tried this myself, but what about creating a BroadcastReceiver that listens to the ACTION_PACKAGE_REPLACED Intent?

    I’ve thought about trying this before, but I’m not sure if there’s a chicken-and-egg problem with it or not (e.g., does the Intent get sent before the new upgraded application can receive it?). Worth a try, though.

    Solution by Daniel Lew :

    Need a receiver with the following lines in manifest :

    <receiver android:name=".OnUpgradeReceiver">
        <action android:name="android.intent.action.PACKAGE_REPLACED" />
        <data android:scheme="package" android:path="" />

    android:path is used in order to prevent OnUpgradeReceiver to be triggered by any upgrade of any application.

    Simply, listen to the android.intent.action.MY_PACKAGE_REPLACED … This INTENT will notify you if a new version of your application has been installed over an existing one

    Note: This intent can is available starting from API 12

    For the Android OS v12 and above you need to register BroadcastReceiver with action ACTION_MY_PACKAGE_REPLACED

    <receiver android:name=".MyBroadcastReceiver">
        <action android:name="android.intent.action.MY_PACKAGE_REPLACED" />
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