How to implement the action bar in api levels less than 11?

I recently read about the action bar implementation in android in the dev site.But i found that it requires a minimum api level of 11.Can someone tell me whether it is possible to implement action bar in Api levels less than 11 such as 8 or 9.If yes how can i do this?

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “How to implement the action bar in api levels less than 11?”

    ActionBarSherlock at is an Android library for implementing the action bar design pattern using the native ActionBar on 3.0+ and a third-party library on pre-3.0.

    There is now also ActionBarCompat – part of the Android Support Library:

    There are third-party implementations of the action bar available. See this library project at github: android-actionbar. The manifest says the minimum API level is 3, target API is 8.

    If you are looking for a simplistic Actionbar solution you might want to give a look to ActionBarCompat from the Google Official examples

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