how to implement a simple Android OAuth and server API

i have an android app that sends data to my web server (data is processed by php and stored in mysql db). for security reasons, i need to verify that the user sending the data is who he/she says he/she is.

i do not want to verify login/password, i would rather use the phone’s registered (account manager) google account with something like federated login. i played around with nick johnson’s example for GAE, but it is specific for GAE based apps and does not permit integration with my own server API’s, therefore authentication does not work (i get a google authToken, but it is meaningless for my server API).

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  • from what i understand, the safest+simplest solution would be to use OAuth.

    but i am completely stumped trying to understand OAuth (i understand its concepts, but have not been able to find any example that i could implement).

    does anyone have anything like a functional example that i could play around with and tweak for my needs? thanx in advance!

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “how to implement a simple Android OAuth and server API”

    if not done already, you could check this page which explains how to implement oauth server with php/mysql

    if you play with symfony2 as backend

    i hope this helped

    when ever a user login or use your app first time , you should capture his/her device mac address, and store it to the database, and you can easily authenticate user using this mac address

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