How to get out of full screen mode in Android emulator

Sometimes I accidentally hit a key combination to make the Android AVD emulator go into full screen, and I couldn’t figure out how to get out of it without restarting the emulator. All I could do to escape was Alt+Tab to toggle applications.

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    Alt+Enter is the keyboard shortcut to toggle full screen mode in the emulator, just do it again to exit full screen.

    FYI, here are some other emulator keyboard shortcuts:

    F8 – toggle cell network on/off
    F9 – toggle code profiling (when -trace option set)
    Alt+ENTER – toggle fullscreen mode
    Ctrl+T – toggle trackball mode
    Ctrl+F11, KEYPAD_7 – switch to previous layout
    Ctrl+F12, KEYPAD_9 – switch to next layout
    KEYPAD_MULTIPLY – increase onion alpha
    KEYPAD_DIVIDE – decrease onion alpha


    And For Changing the window size of the Android Emulator

    Append the parameter -scale ­­<scale factor> to the Emulator launch parameters. In eclipse, put it in the field “Additional Emulator Command Line Options” within the Run Configuration.

    Allowed scale factors are those between 0.1 and 3, although the most common will probably be -scale 0.5 .

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