How to get crash dialog with report button

I purposely make my own application crash. I get the following dialog.

enter image description here

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  • However, I wish to get the following crash dialog with report button.

    enter image description here

    May I know how I can do so? I had signed my application. (But I transfer the APK locally to my phone, not through Android market). I still can’t get the Report button.

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    As far as I know, the Report button only shows when the app is installed via the Market (i.e. is signed and not in debug mode nor with a debug key). This data is all shown in LogCat if you are USB debugging.

    Edit: Also, you can catch this information and file a report yourself if you want, using this method.

    Use the acra library in your app. This basically “is a library enabling Android Application to automatically post their crash reports to a GoogleDoc form”. You can modify its use to pop up a dialog like the above, and ask the user to report the issue, with an additional user-typed message, even.

    Your phone may running a customized rom like CM.
    If you want to report log when your app get FC,one way is catch exceptions and mail them.

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