How to download package?

I’m not familiar with where I can get the package I like to use this package in Android.


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    It’s part of Java SE 6. It’s not published separately and also not included in Android. I’d suggest to look for another lightweight Java implementation of a HTTP server, like i-Jetty.

    You can download it from

    It used to be available from Sun for Java 5 but they seem to have pulled the link. Don’t know if it works on Android mind you.

    Old broken link

    Android studio use jcenter as the default repository source. The more convenient way is adding the dependency to gralde configuration.

    The library can be found in jcenter, see here.

    So just add it to your project’s dependencies.

    dependencies {
        compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
        // ...
        compile ''
        // ...
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