how to download apk files from android market to pc?

Is it possible to download the android .apk application from the android market to our pc?

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    Probably this will help you.

    Once you get access to android market from emulator you can probably get .apk from ddms

    Yes , You’ll need the latest version of Chrome with SSL error notifications disabled, then you supply your device ID, email address and password (all stored locally on your computer to grab the Android Market cookie).

    To anyone still need it , you can get it here :

    You can download all your installed apps. from mobile to SD Card. You just need to install an android application appInstaller…You just need to backup all your applications. This software generates apk files and stores in the SD card..And then you can store it in your pc..

    you can install the android-sdk and use the adb command to pull the apk from your device.
    The command is: adb pull

    This is an update to the post by Mur Votema.
    The Android 2.2 with Market is available here

    Now you can do this by using this extension for Google Chrome: APK Downloader

    If you’re in control of the network that you are using for the download, you could relatively easily grab it from the TCP stream:

    Internet --- your_router --- wifi_AP --- your_Android_device

    In the above diagram, the Android device connects to your WiFi access point, which is connected to your router, which connects to the Internet (and therefore the Android market). By running some capture tool (e.g. WireShark or tcpdump, even a capturing reverse proxy like Fiddler) on the router, you will see all the traffic passing across it, and you could capture it.

    Possible caveats:

    • you’ll need to decrypt encrypted connections, if any (e.g. for HTTPS, dummy certificates can be substituted)
    • more importantly, check if the license conditions for Market and the app allow this; depending what you intend to do with the files afterwards, this could be seen as a step in reverse engineering
    • the device itself must be able to connect to Market (not sure about emulators etc.)
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