How to disable manifest merging in Android Studio

I am having a hard time removing unnecessary (permissions) stuff from my manifest file after compiling and sigining a release version of my app.
I simply don’t want anything merged from other libraries’s manifest files. I have my own manifest file and thats it. no other manifest should be merged in

anyone knows how to completely disable manifest merging?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “How to disable manifest merging in Android Studio”

    Try this

     android.applicationVariants.all{ variant ->
       variant.outputs.each { output ->
         output.processResources.manifestFile = file('AndroidManifest.xml')

    What you need to do is disable the processManifest task so that it doesn’t run and tell the processResources where the manifest to use is:

    android.applicationVariants.all { variant ->
        variant.processResources.manifestFile = file('src/main/AndroidManifest.xml')

    This should work.

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