How to begin creating 3D (Game-) GUIs for Android Applications (e.g. with OpenGL)?

I am new to Android Development. What I want is to know how I have to begin thinking to program a neat, GUI. I guess the android.opengl API is a good starting point.

Let’s say we want to create something like a simplified 3D-Pool-Billard-Game: You see the table from the top and you have on the table the balls. You want to make them realistic (shadow, gloss).

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  • Questions on my mind are:

    • What kind of Graphics do I need?
    • How to begin coding?
    • What kind of classes do I need? For each element (ball, table, ..)?
    • Where to create and encapsulate the “3D-ness”?

    If you know better/additional questions, just add them or/and let me know in which direction I have to think in this case of developing.

    My skills/background on Java: I’ve programmed a lot in Java EE and used to handle graphical output with JSP/JSF. So this mobile SE for Android is new to me. Hope to get some intersting stuff together for a smooth access.


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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to begin creating 3D (Game-) GUIs for Android Applications (e.g. with OpenGL)?”

    I’d recomend using a existing 3d engine, else your in for a lot of work. isn’t a bad one and has a flexible license.

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