How to auto scroll up Recycler view in Android?

I have developed some chat application where i can send and received messages. But the problem is whenever i send or receive messages the recycler view is not scrolling to top so that messages gets diplayed above the keypad.

I have used the above mentioned recycler view

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    On updating recyclerview try to run this code : Runnable() {
        public void run() {
            // Call smooth scroll  

    I use the following code so that the scroll is automatic until the last position:


    I implement to add a new item to the list.

    Try the bellow method for auto scroll to your particular position.

    adapter = new DeliveriesDateRecycleAdapter(getActivity(),sampleDatedate, position);

    Note : position – the position of the list that you want to show.

    Have you tried RecyclerView.srollTo(int x, int y)?

    Edit: Try RecyclerView.scrollTo(0, 0) directly after you have send or received the last message.

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