How can I control an android device from desktop pc?

Is there any application for controlling android phone from desktop PC?

I need an application on Windows desktop PC having these functionalities:

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  • 1) Shows the screen of Android phone connected to PC in its window.

    2) Remote Touch: When you click on any point of window, it clicks on that point on your phone. So you do not need to touch your real device.

    Its application is that you can remotely connect to a PC (for example by remote desktop connection) that has a phone connected and communicate with that phone.

    There is something named Pocket Controller for Windows Mobile that makes your connected real device like an emulator on the PC. I need it for android.


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    EDIT: MyPhoneExplorer !!!! Can do this without root – don’t ask me how.

    Google Search: “control android from pc”

    Result 1:
    Answer 1: androidscreencast

    “Remote touch” works on rooted devices only!

    I think this is what you’re looking for. There are two applications AIRDROID & GMOTE.

    Control Your Android Through PC Without Data Cable via. AIRDROID.

    Control Your Mouse, Keyboard and Music with Your Android Phone via.GMOTE.

    The version i know of on iPhone, uses a client on the PC that communicates with the phone over the wireless network. If that is what you want, you should try looking into UDP or TCP communication.

    You will have to create a client for the PC that will then communicate with your app on the phone. It should be relatively simple to get started. You can find a lot of tutorials on this for Java. it should be possible to do it in the exact same way on android as in java.

    Hmm, if you want full controll over your phone simular to Remote Desktop on computers, this will be waaay too complicated to make yourself.
    But if you just want something more specific controlled from the computer, my answer might be usefull.

    The Pocket Controller for Android has been released by SOTI few weeks ago:

    Currently it only supports Samsung devices. You can download the Android App at Google Play store and the desktop component from the SOTI website:

    I would recommend to use TeamViewer for android. It allows you see memory usage, internal file system, ect.

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