How can I configure the Android emulator to simulate the Galaxy Nexus?

What settings for the Android emulator will as closely simulate the characteristics of the Galaxy Nexus as possible?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I configure the Android emulator to simulate the Galaxy Nexus?”

    Here’s a try:

    • Target: Google APIs – API Level 15
    • Skin: Built-in WXGA720

    Selecting skin sets the following hardware parameters, leave them as-is:

    • Hardware Back/Home: no
    • Abstracted LCD density: 320
    • Keyboard lid support: no
    • Max VM application heap size: 48
    • Device ram size: 1024

    Galaxy Nexus has no SD card, just internal memory. Distinction between internal and external storage is important and can affect apps. To simulate this:

    • add SD Card support=no parameter;
    • launch emulator with -partition-size 1024 for 1GB internal memory, or use some other means to increase amount of internal memory available;

    If you’re working on camera apps, you’ll also want to set correct number of cameras, and correct resolution.

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