Gradle ADT 0.4 error: android.buildToolsVersion is missing

Attempting to build my Android project using the latest ADT tools release of Gradle, I get the following error:

Execution failed for task ':compileDebugAidl'.
> android.buildToolsVersion is missing!

Using Gradle 1.6, Android plugin 0.4.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Gradle ADT 0.4 error: android.buildToolsVersion is missing”

    Make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest ADT, SDK, Platform and Build tools. Then add this to your gradle build.

    android {
         buildToolsVersion "17.0"
         compileSdkVersion 15

    credit to the adt mailing group.

    Note: It is important to put the around the 17.0 as shown – otherwise that will not work

    The buildToolsVersion value depends upon which version you downloaded from Google.

    Assuming you installed the Android SDK, run “android” from the command-line, to open the Android SDK Manager. In the left column you’ll see Tools | Android SDK Build-tools. That tells you whether or not you’ve installed the Build-tools yet.

    After installing the Build-tools, look at the second column, labelled “Rev.” It has the Build-tools version to use for gradle’s buildToolVersion.

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