Getting SQLite database by adb shell in cmd

Very simple question but confusing . i am using sqlite in my android app.

i want to know we can perform (create ,insert,update,delete) operation in sqlite by command prompt:-

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  • path> adb shell
    shell@android:/ $ sqlite3 /data/data/pack/databases/name
    sqlite> operations.....

    this all success with my emulator.

    but i did same thing after attaching my google nexus device.

    path> adb shell
    error:-/system/bin/sh: sqlite3: not found

    why its showing this error after closing the emulator and adding the device.

    this means we can not read the database of device(not emulator) by cmd.

    or is there any way to read device(not emulator)database by cmd.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Getting SQLite database by adb shell in cmd”

    The sqlite3 program is normally not installed on production devices. To inspect or modify the database you would have to copy it over to your development machine and use the sqlite3 program from the Android SDK.

    refer to this link .
    Got this from this question Opening Sqlite Db on command prompt

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