get list of all users connected using wifi tethering in android

I am trying to get list of all connected users in wifi tethering. I know that i have to read dnsmasq.leases but the question is, where can I get this file from my mobile?

If i look at source code of wifi tethering open source app

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  • i get the file path in here


    I might not be using this app for wifi tethering. So then how can i get the file location to read all connected users?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “get list of all users connected using wifi tethering in android”

    Do not create a dependency of your app on some external app data.

    See this link to know how to get the list of connected WiFi devices.

    You can use Zero-conf bonjour protocol to discover other devices.

    Android application Wi-Fi device – AP connectivity

    Why don’t you make a new file, and catch usernames as they enter the wifi, writing to the file. Then remove names when they leave the wifi, instead of constantly checking names. Maybe check once every 10 seconds? +1 if this helps, -1 if it doesn’t.

    Sorry for lack of formatting, but I’m on my phone.

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