Genymotion Google Nexus 6P 7.0.0 with Open_Gapps arm 7.0.0

With Genymotion 2.8.0, I have installed Google Nexus 6P 7.0.0 device with API level 24. After launching the device, I have flashed the ARM Virtual translator and restarted the device. Then, I have download open_gapps from for playstore and other apps installation. By drag and dropping the open_gapps zip file into the device, it is getting copied to the SDcard download folder and not installing the google apps.

Please anyone suggest me where went wrong. Thanks in advance.

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    There is official FAQ for using Google Play in How do I install Google Play Services?, here the FAQ text:

    For intellectual property reasons, Google Play Services are not
    included by default in Genymotion virtual devices. However, if you
    really need them, you can use the packages provided by OpenGapps.
    Simply follow these steps:

    1. Visit
    2. Select x86 as platform
    3. Choose the Android version corresponding to your virtual device
    4. Select nano as variant
    5. Download the zip file
    6. Drag & Drop the zip installer in new Genymotion virtual device (2.7.2 and above only)
    7. Follow the pop-up instructions

    Please note Genymobile Inc. and Genymotion assume no liability
    whatsoever resulting from the download, install and use of Google Play
    Services within your virtual devices. You are solely responsible for
    the use and assume all liability related thereto. Moreover, we
    disclaim any warranties of any kind for a particular purpose regarding
    the compatibility of the OpenGapps packages with any version of

    Same Issue I faced when tried to install both ARM & ARM64. May be they are not valid Gapps configured for Genymotion. But I tried my luck with ‘‘ and it worked as expected. Some tweaks still needed with play services. Yet Play store and Maps working great. I hope it may work for you too.
    Download from :

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