Firebase reset password link not working

I am using firebase to authenticate users in my android app. I provide user an option to reset password in login window. When user click on button, it sends email successfully. However when user clicks on link, it always showing

Try resetting your password again. Your request to reset your password has expired or the link has already been used”

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    Anyone knows where I’m Wrong ? I tried login with different email IDs from different devices. Still not working. I am using ‘‘.

    UPDATE on 31 August 2016

    I got in touch with firebase support and it looks like there was some bug with API key. If you change your browser API key, it was not getting updated. Now this bug is fixed and reset password function is working properly.

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    If you’ve listed any HTTP referrers for your app’s API key in the Google API console, you need to include the app itself which is where the emails originate: <app-name> Otherwise this domain is not valid for your app’s key.

    I also experienced the same issue, and for me, the cause was sending multiple password reset emails, and I got only the first one.

    Make sure you send the reset password email just once or if you did it multiple times, wait for the multiple emails to arrive and use the latest email.

    Temporarily I’ve solved the issue by leaving only one unrestricted API key at Google API Console

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