Firebase add new child with specified name

This is my database

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  • I’d like to add new users to database keeping that format. I’ve tried this:

       //Store data in database
        Firebase usersRef = ref.child("Users");
        Map<String, String> userData = new HashMap<String, String>();
        userData.put("Nombre", name);
        userData.put("Password", pass);
        userData.put("Confirmed", "FALSE");
        userData.put("Email", mail);
        usersRef = ref.child("Users").child(name);

    The problem is that whenever i add a new user, the previous one is overwritten. Thanks a lot.

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “Firebase add new child with specified name”

    It happens because you are using:

    Firebase usersRef = ref.child("Users");

    In this way you will push the value in url/Users removing the previous value.

    Check the doc:

    Using setValue() will overwrite the data at the specified location, including any child nodes.

    To add a new user without removing the previous one , just remove this line:


    In this way you will push the value in url/Users/myName without overriding other values.

    Firebase Database Push

    [FirebaseDatabase mydb =][2] FirebaseDatabase.getInstance();
    DatabaseReference mDatabase = mydb.getReference().child("Dealers").child(dealerId).child("Stock").child(stockAddDate);
    Map<String, String> userData = new HashMap<String, String>();
    userData.put("Product_Name", productName);
    userData.put("Holding_Stock", holdingStock);
    userData.put("Primary_Stock", primaryStock);

    Just use “PUSH” before setValue.

    This worked for me. I am using model class instead of Hash

    mFirebaseDatabase = mFirebaseDatabase.child(name);
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