“ERROR: Cannot recover key” When Exporting Signed Android App with Existing Keystore

I have an existing keystore with a password and a few keys with different passwords inside for the different apps I have exported and uploaded to Google Play.

Now I have recently imported one of the app’s projects, did some significant modifications to it and I am trying to export it using the same keystore and choosing the same alias/password as I did while initially creating it.

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  • The problem is that after the step where I choose the key alias and enter key password I see “ERROR: Cannot recover key“.

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    I suspect that I might be entering a wrong key password (note that the keystore password is the correct one, so this is not the reason for the issue).

    I tried creating a new alias and exporting the app under it, but Google Play won’t accept this file unless it’s signed with the same certificate.

    I really don’t know how to proceed in this scenario besides trying to brute force the key password. If you think this is the only path, do you know a good brute force cracking tool for keys in a keystore, for which I already know the password to? The keystore is a .reg file, created with Eclipse’s Export wizard.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for ““ERROR: Cannot recover key” When Exporting Signed Android App with Existing Keystore”

    Pretty sure you just entered the password incorrectly. Happened to me just now, stumbled upon your question, hoping for an answer. Didn’t find any, so I tried typing the password again. And then it worked.

    I stumbled upon the same problem. But I was sure I entered the password correctly. I even typed it to notepad and copy-pasted it to be sure. After that, I created a password cracker for my keystore key password, and found out that the key was actually the one I had been using all along! Tried once more and it worked. So I guess it was a bug of some kind. Maybe you should try closing and reopening eclipse, or restart the computer.

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