emulator-5554 is not visible on screen?

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In the Android emulator 5554 is online but it is not visible on
screen, but some application is running. so how to solve this problem.
In the picture see
how to make emulator-5554 online or visible on screen.
any application start in emulator-5556/5558 but not in emulator-5554

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  • 5 Solutions collect form web for “emulator-5554 is not visible on screen?”

    If the window is off screen then do the following:
    select the task bar item and right-click (shift+right-click on win7)
    select Move – use arrows to move LEFT or RIGHT. If you mouse click you’ll have to start over.
    once the window magically pops back on screen, then you can move it normally.

    If it not visible then just kill the process that is holding that emulator and restart it. On Windows Alt+Ctrl+Del to bring up the task manager. One the task manager is up, find the emulator process and kill it.

    Please check your installed programs , there might be some program (eg:bluestack )which runs adb , Uninstall all such program and you will surely find your emulator running.

    Actually, a little easier in addition to Android Addicts’ answer…once you selected move you can just use your mouse (don’t click) to move around the emulator window (at least on win7). a lot easier 🙂

    Change your resolution of the screen then you got the title bar off the emulator .now it is mouse accessible, move emulator in center.now you can change the previous view model.

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