EditText doubling out on rotate

I’m having an issue with an EditText control. This issue is only happening on this particular Activity and no other Activities with EditTexts. I have removed all setText calls for this EditText and the problem still persists.

I am running Android 2.3.4 on my mobile device. It is a Nexus S and running stock Android. In the emulator (running Android 2.2) this problem does not occur.

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  • When I rotate the phone, Android automatically replaces the text that was in the EditText before the rotation. I’m not using savedInstanceState to do anything. Android is doing this itself.

    My problem:

    Suppose the word “test” is in the EditText. When I rotate the phone, Android will place “testtest” into the EditText when the Activity is re-created. This only happens when I use the virtual keyboard to type into the EditText, I do not click the “done” button on the virtual keyboard, I press back to remove the virtual keyboard, and I then rotate the device. If I use the “done” button instead of the back button, the problem does not occur.

    Any ideas? As I said, I am NOT setting the text. All lines that call setText have been commented out.

    Update 1: I have commented out everything in this Activity except the onCreate() method. Problem still occurring.

    Update 2: I have created a new Activity. This brand new Activity has only an onCreate() method. The only thing in the onCreate() method is a call to setContentView (uses the same layout file) and calling super’s onCreate(). Problem still persists. I’m stumped. The only thing I can guess is there’s something whacky with the layout file. I haven’t any idea what that would be.

    Update 3: I have stripped everything out of the layout except the EditText. Problem still occurring.

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “EditText doubling out on rotate”

    I had a similar problem but I only see it when the AutoComplete is turned on for the EditText.

    My work around was to disable autocomplete.

    I came up with a work-around you could try. It works by subclassing EditText, catching a couple of events and then only accepting text changes that occur when the keyboard is shown, which should filter out any changes not made by the user typing something. I still have no idea what could be causing this though.

    static class CustomEditText extends EditText{
        boolean keyboardHidden = true;
        String mText = null;
        public CustomEditText(Context context) {
            // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
        public CustomEditText(Context context, AttributeSet attr) {
            super(context, attr);
            // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub
        //This gets called for any text field change, regardless of where the change comes from
        //When the phone flips and tries to double the text we can catch it.
        //If the keyboard is hidden (meaning the user isn't typing anything) the strings should match
        protected void onTextChanged(CharSequence text, int start, int before, int after){
            if(keyboardHidden && mText!=null && !text.toString().equals(mText)){
                mText = text.toString();
        //There's no way right now to directly check if the soft keyboard is displayed
        //On touch, the soft keyboard is displayed by default for EditText, so assume the keyboard is displayed from this point on
        public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event){
            keyboardHidden = false;
            return true;
        //On a back press we're removing the soft keyboard so set the flag back to true
        public boolean dispatchKeyEventPreIme(KeyEvent event){
            if(event.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_BACK){
                keyboardHidden = true;
            return super.dispatchKeyEvent(event);

    To handle rotation changes yourself add your manifest android:configChanges :

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