Eclipse Error: Error parsing …\android-22\android-wear\armeabi-v7a\devices.xml

Recently, I upgraded my android-SDK to Android M (API 22, MNC Preview). After that, every project reported errors when Eclipse was opened.

The error of logcat and of a popup window says:

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  • Error: Error parsing
    cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Invalid content was found starting with
    element ‘d:skin’. No child element is expected at this point

    I thought there was something wrong in devices.xml. So I went to check this file.

    What I found was: many lines like the picture below:

    enter image description here

    But all xml tags are well-formatted. Then I couldn’t understand.

    So could somebody explain this to me?
    What’s wrong with my Eclispe or my Andrid-SDK?
    What happened when I was updating SDK?

    Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I had the same error message:

    Error: Error Parsing
    Invalid content was found starting with element ‘d:Skin’. No child
    element is expected at this point.

    ThereĀ“s a problem with the packages of android wear of the API 22, so my solution was deleting this packages:
    enter image description here

    I deleted the android-wear ARM EABL v7a System-Image and android-wear Intel x86 Atom System-Image from SDK. It worked for me.

    Open SDK manager from eclipse and select 1. android-wear ARM EABL v7a System-Image and 2. android-wear Intel x86 Atom System-Image for API version 22 and delete it.

    If anyone face similar problem for other API version just select those packages from respective API version and delete.
    Just it. Solved your problem and enjoy!!!

    Look for the lines …./d:skin> in file devices.hml, comment out or delete these lines will eliminate the error messages.

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