Eclipse android project not creating blank activity

Every time I create a new android project, I specify that I want to create blank activity. I get to the page where I name it. But after clicking finish, the blank activity is nowhere to be found. I know that I can create the blank activity file manually. But I want to know why eclipse is not creating the blank activity even though it goes through the creating process when i make a new android project. It is not even showing up on the manifest file.

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    I had the same problem even though I downloaded the Android SDK and did a clean install, but I just resolved it. I tried to click “Help” -> “Install new software” and install (this will update it) from this url:
    try to create a empty activity, not a blank activity

    Try this…

    1. Go to Help > Install New Software,

    2. Click Available Software Sites,

    3. Remove the installed Repository,

      Remove last installed plugin

    4. Click Add ,

    5. Type name : Android Developer Tools Update Site ; location :


    6. Press Ok,

    7. Select all press Next,

    8. Press Next,

    9. Accept and Install repository,

    10. Eclipse restart automatically when the repository update is complete,

    11. I hope, the issue had solved now.

    Happy coding…..

    Then there must be something wrong with the installation of the eclipse or android SDK. I am using eclipse indigo for developing android apps since 2.5 years I haven’t face any thing like this. But when I tried eclipse juno I find few issues. First of all make sure that you have installed every thing correctly and you are using updated version of eclipse.

    I have faced the same problem. After a while i understand that i installed Android APIs in wrong place. Try to rerun installer_r22.6.2-windows.exe which you download in order to work with Android.

    Then Android SDK Manager appears in the screen. Check the APIs which you installed before. What does appear in the status field of APIs??? If it appears

    Not installed

    Then as i said earlier , you should reinstall these APIs. Keep in mind that SDK Path appears above in Android SDK Manager. It may be necessary for you later.

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