Drag and Drop Layout in android 2.2

Is it possible to add a layout in a gestureOverlay view and Drag Drop it in a desired position in android. I am able to add a layout but not able to drag and drop it..I want to know is it possible to do this in version 2.2?

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    thanks for the help… myself found a solution for this problem… i couldn’t implement a drag on this layout, But i adjust in such a way that the layout will come into the position where i touch on the screen… thanks….

    private void RunAnimations(MotionEvent event) {
            lastX = event.getX();
            lastY = event.getY();
            Animation b = new TranslateAnimation(Animation.ABSOLUTE,lastX,Animation.ABSOLUTE,event.getX(),Animation.ABSOLUTE,lastY-57,Animation.ABSOLUTE,event.getY()-57);             

    Check out this library: android-dragarea

    We implemented a simulare behavior but we derived from ViewGroup and made most of the code by ourself. We also had to use android.support.v4.view to make it work for 2.2

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