difference between android.support.v7.app.AlertController.RecycleListView and android.support.v7.widget.RecyclerView

I recently update my Android Studio and also SDK. In new Android Studio, there is android.support.v7.app.AlertController.RecycleListView. I am familiar with android.support.v7.RecyclerView, so I am a little bit confused that what is the difference between these two. If anyone can guide then it would be thankful.

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    RecycleListView is an internal class not intended for external use. The fact that it is showing up publicly in the support library is probably a mistake.

    You can see here in the regular (non-appcompat) version it is an internal class http://developer.oesf.biz/em/developer/reference/eggplant/com/android/internal/app/AlertController.RecycleListView.html

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