Difference between Admob Ads and Firebase Ads

I’m trying to migrate from Google analytics to the new Firebase analytics but I noticed there are libraries for ads too. Are firebase ads going to replace admob ads as well? Should I keep using admob via google play services? Or make a switch to the Firebase SDK? What’s the difference anyways?

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    Happily, these are the same thing! The ‘firebase-ads’ dependency just brings in the existing ‘play-services-ads’ library and the ‘firebase-analytics’ library. The Firebase SDK is part of Google Play services, so no need to worry about migrating, just update to the latest version.

    Exactly as Kastriot says, the main integration is between Firebase Analytics and AdMob, but the AdMob SDK is still the same service you’re already familiar with.

    Linking your app(s) to Firebase enables Firebase Analytics and AdMob
    to work together more closely. By choosing to link your app to
    Firebase, you allow more of your Analytics data to be used by AdMob
    independent of your Firebase Analytics Data Sharing Settings.

    Check Admob – Google Support for more information and Admob – Firebase

    I used to use https://github.com/unity-plugins/Unity-Admob

    Later, use https://github.com/unity-plugins/Firebase-Admob-Unity

    Found no difference between the two, they use the same admob library, the same

    code to achieve. Firebase just retains a previous admob interface

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