Detect if my accessibility service is enabled

I was wondering how could I detect if my own service is enabled. So I could check if my service is not enabled, then tell the user to enable it.


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Detect if my accessibility service is enabled”

    Below is the method to check if your accessibility service is enabled or not. 

    Note: Change value of YOURAccessibilityService with your Service. 

    // To check if service is enabled
    private boolean isAccessibilitySettingsOn(Context mContext) {
        int accessibilityEnabled = 0;
        final String service = getPackageName() + "/" + YOURAccessibilityService.class.getCanonicalName();
        try {
            accessibilityEnabled = Settings.Secure.getInt(
            Log.v(TAG, "accessibilityEnabled = " + accessibilityEnabled);
        } catch (Settings.SettingNotFoundException e) {
            Log.e(TAG, "Error finding setting, default accessibility to not found: "
                    + e.getMessage());
        TextUtils.SimpleStringSplitter mStringColonSplitter = new TextUtils.SimpleStringSplitter(':');
        if (accessibilityEnabled == 1) {
            Log.v(TAG, "***ACCESSIBILITY IS ENABLED*** -----------------");
            String settingValue = Settings.Secure.getString(
            if (settingValue != null) {
                while (mStringColonSplitter.hasNext()) {
                    String accessibilityService =;
                    Log.v(TAG, "-------------- > accessibilityService :: " + accessibilityService + " " + service);
                    if (accessibilityService.equalsIgnoreCase(service)) {
                        Log.v(TAG, "We've found the correct setting - accessibility is switched on!");
                        return true;
        } else {
            Log.v(TAG, "***ACCESSIBILITY IS DISABLED***");
        return false;

    And to call this method:

    if (!isAccessibilitySettingsOn(getApplicationContext())) {
        startActivity(new Intent(Settings.ACTION_ACCESSIBILITY_SETTINGS));

    This will check and launch accessibility settings if not enabled.

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