Cordova – check_reqs module is missing for platform. Skipping it

I am having issues with an Cordova application originally built on Ubuntu but when I try to load the very same Cordova application onto my Windows 10 machine I get into issues.

When I run the following command this is the response I get :

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  • $ cordova requirements

    //output from cmd

    Requirements check results for android:
    Java JDK: installed 1.8.0
    Android SDK: installed
    Android target: installed android-17,android-18,android-19,android-20,android-21,android-22,android-23,android-24,Google Inc.:Google APIs:17,Google Inc.:Google APIs:18,Google Inc.:Google APIs:19,Google Inc.:Google APIs:23
    Gradle: installed
    Requirements check results for browser:
    Check failed for browser due to Failed to check requirements for browser platform. check_reqs module is missing for platform. Skipping it...
    Error: Some of requirements check failed

    I have tried to manually reinstall browser by using the following commands :

    $ cordova platform remove browser
    $ cordova platform add browser

    Can anyone suggest what I should do??

    When I run the application using cordova emulate OR run the application opens I can see the html/js/css code within the console but the screen goes white, then all gray (as if it is css related) but the VERY same application works on my colleagues Ubuntu machine which is very strange indeed – any ideas???

    Node version 4.4.7
    Cordova version 6.3.1

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