Connecting printer with android tablet

I need to connect printer with android based tablet using usb and i need to print from my android application using usb printer.My tablet has two usb port . how can i connect it ?

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    I think that there is no normal way by which we can connect the android tablet to a USB printer, if the printer is a WiFi supporting one then there are numerous apps through which we can print.

    For experiment ready guys follow this link :

    Are you looking to print to a big desktop printer or a receipt printer?

    If you’re looking for a receipt printer, Star Micronics has an Android SDK that you can freely download here:

    It covers USB printing. The printer can be connected directly to a tablet with USB ports. Your tablet needs to have Android V3.1 or higher for direct USB connection with a printer.

    This SDK has a really nice sample app that lets you test and customize a lot of printer functions to see them in action. Each function is documented in the source code. The commands and their parameters are also available in the app itself as a quick on screen reference which is convenient. On top of all that, it’s well documented.

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