Can't connect LG G3 to Android Studio

My LG G3 is not appearing in the device list for android studio. I’m on ASUS n550jk with Windows 10.

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    Nothing has worked. I got it to work a few months ago on Windows 8.1, but I can’t remember what I did.

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  • 6 Solutions collect form web for “Can't connect LG G3 to Android Studio”

    Make sure you enable developer options on your phone and check ‘Enable USB Debugging’

    On your Phone… Go to your settings: Go to “about phone” Tap on “Build Number” 7 times. This enables developer options Go to Developer options (in the settings app) Check – Enable USB Debugging
    Did you make sure to install the adb drivers for your phone? Also make sure you have enabled debug mode on your device. If neither of those are the issue, maybe check here for further troubleshooting help.

    When you connect your phone to your computer with Android studio running, you should see a dialog box asking for permission for your computer to debug your phone. Tap Yes and accept those permissions.

    You should be set from there! Hit ‘Run’ in Android Studio and you should be good to go.

    Hit me up on here if you have any further questions!

    As on Android 6.0 device & Windows 10 this worked for me. Steps 1 & 2 before attaching phone to computer.

    1) Activate developers settings (Settings -> General -> About phone -> Software info -> Press 7 times “Build number” button). After that it says “Now you are an developer”.

    2) Go back to General settings and press “Developer options”. After that find option “USB debugging” and tick that box.
    USB debugging

    3) Attach phone to the computer via USB. Phone will ask “Allow this computer to access your phone data” “Allow”. After that you should have “Tap for more USB options” -notification. Choose “Send images (PTP)”

    Create “Hello World” -project as an test and try to to select deployment target again.

    LG G3 requires you to 1) Activate developer’s mode 2) Enable USB debugging BEFORE connecting your phone to the laptop 3) Accept the computer’s RSA fingerprint when installing an apk from AndroidStudio and most importantly 4) Installing the phone on your computer.

    Use this link and select your model. Without installing this software you will still be able to charge your phone and access its memory from your laptop but for it to appear as a device in Android Studio, install this.

    I had a similar problem shortly after upgrading to MarshMallow. I had developer options on, but the “USB Debugging” option was disabled.

    I had a problem with connection LG G4 phone with Android Studio, and try lots of combination like enabling developer mode, USB debugging, switching USB PC Connection from MTP to PTP and vise versa, restarting phone…But no csucces until I downloaded and installed Windows USB driver from this location and choose LG G4 Stylus. My phone is LG G4 Leather dual sim, but works with selection above.

    you should go to settings->Common->Software info and click Build number 7 times in LG G3

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