Cannot create an emulator with Android L (API 20)

I have updated to ADT 23 and SDK manager with Android L (API 20 L preview), but I am not getting the “Android L” in the target list.

Done restarting the Eclipse many times. doesn’t work. Some one please tell me what I am doing wrong.

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  • 5 Solutions collect form web for “Cannot create an emulator with Android L (API 20)”

    For those who are getting stuck at black screen:

    Try enabling “Use Host GPU” while creating a device.

    Working now, as I have killed the process from the Task manager and restarted.

    But had other problems. Hence I downloaded the latest version of Eclipse (Juno)+ Android sdk bundle which includes ADT 23 plugin.

    Now Everything works fine.

    Click here to download.

    Don’t forget to set the configuration of your emulator of options Snapshots , Use host GPU unchecked .

    Before installing latest tools in SDK manager, try to update ADT plugin from Help -> Check for updates.

    Then first you have to install latest SDK Tools, Platform-tools, and Build-tools.

    After installing latest tools, you will get Android L and Android 4.4W sections:

    Follow below setps to Download the SDK

    1. Start the Android SDK Manager.
    2. In the Tools section, select the latest Android SDK Tools, Platform-tools, and Build-tools.
    3. Select everything under the Android L Developer Preview section and click Install packages…
    4. Accept the Licensing Agreement for all of the packages and click Install.

    Note: The Eclipse ADT plug-in requires Java 7 if your compilation target is the L developer preview.

    The following configurations helped me created an Android L emulator successfully :

    Device : Nexus 5

    Target : Android L preview ( Ensure API 20 packages are installed as outlined in answers above )

    CPU/ABI : Intel Atom x86

    Skin WQVGA400

    RAM : 2048 VM Heap : 64

    Emulation options Snapshots , Use host GPU unchecked .

    The emulator took a while to load but was successful ultimately.

    Solution direct from forum –

    There was a very recent change to Android Studio. It makes Android-L(API 20), which was announced today, the default target SDK. You are getting the error because it is searching for the Android-L and can’t find it. Our lesson was prepared with Android KitKat (API 19) in mind.

    Try installing:

    Android L (API 20, L Preview)
    SDK Platform Android L Preview
    Intel x86 Atom System Image

    and see if that fixes your problem. In light of the Android L Preview, we are working to assess what changes need to be made.

    Here is solution for error-failed-to-find-target-android-l.

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