Can i edit files inside android shell(adb shell)

From android shell, is there a way I can edit a file?

Simple files like .rc or some script files, if I want to change the values, currently I am pulling them, changing and pushing back. Somehow this I feel is not good.

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  • Is there a way I can edit these files from inside android shell. like vim editor in Linux shell.

    Also, I have root permissions on my device. So if i have to install some root applications, i can do it.

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “Can i edit files inside android shell(adb shell)”

    You can create text files using:

     $ cat > filename.txt

    You can add lines to a text files using:

     $ cat >> filename.txt

    Both commands can be terminated using ctrl-D.

    A simplified version of vi for Android is contained in Busybox. Assuming you’re running Windows, once you’ve installed Busybox (and you do need root permissions to do so), I recommend you follow the instructions at to accomplish full screen text editing on your Android device from your Windows PC screen.

    I’ve also noticed that the default shell is sh and after entering bash I could use nano.

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