buildConfigField depending on flavor + buildType

I’m trying to define a buildConfigVariable depending on the flavor + buildType. Ideally, this is what I want

productFlavors {
    strawberry {
        buildConfigField "String", "WS_API_KEY", name +
    ... more flavors ..

name does contain “strawberry”, but I don’t know if it’s possible to access the variant‘s buildType.

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  • Placed outside the Android closure I do have access to the BuildType and variant, but then I can’t invoke buildConfigField

    android.applicationVariants.all { variant ->
        println "****************************"
        println "variant: ${}"
        println "flavor: ${variant.flavorName}"
        println "****************************"
        if ( == 'release') {
            if (variant.flavorName == 'strawberry') {
                buildConfigField "String", "WS_API_KEY", '"strawberry_release"'
            } else {
                buildConfigField "String", "WS_API_KEY", '"chocolate_release"'
        } else if( == 'debug') {
            if (variant.flavorName == 'strawberry') {
                buildConfigField "String", "WS_API_KEY", '"strawberry_debug"'
            } else {
                buildConfigField "String", "WS_API_KEY", '"chocolate_debug"'
    variant: strawberryRelease
    flavor: strawberry
        Could not find method buildConfigField() 
        for arguments [String, WS_API_KEY, "strawberry_release"]

    I can easily create a Java factory and return the appropriate API_KEY depending on some BuildConfig constants, but I’d rather keep the code configuration agnostic.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “buildConfigField depending on flavor + buildType”

    Edit2: The version after 0.14.2 will allow doing this:

    applicationVariants.all { variant ->
        variant.buildConfigField "int", "VALUE", "1"

    So you’d be able to do something like this (to match the original question):

    applicationVariants.all { variant ->
        variant.buildConfigField "String", "WS_API_KEY", variant.productFlavors.get(0).name + '_' +

    Edit: it’s not currently possible. The API is missing for this.

    Try this:

    applicationVariants.all { variant ->
        variant.mergedFlavor.buildConfigField "String", "NAME", '"VALUE"'

    Warning: this might be a fragile solution, use at your own risk. See

    This is how I accomplished what I wanted. You need to change the values just before the task is executed, so I needed a way to hook my code in there.

    final projectName =
    gradle.taskGraph.beforeTask { Task task ->
        if (task.path ==~ /:$projectName:generate.*BuildConfig/) {
            //extracts flavor and buildType name. See for regex
            final values ="generate","").replace("BuildConfig","").split("(?<!(^|[A-Z]))(?=[A-Z])|(?<!^)(?=[A-Z][a-z])")
            final flavorName = values[0].toLowerCase()
            final buildTypeName = values[1].toLowerCase()
            android.applicationVariants.all { currentVariant ->
                if (currentVariant.getVariantData().getVariantConfiguration().getBuildType().getName() == buildTypeName) {
                    if (currentVariant.getVariantData().getVariantConfiguration().getFlavorName() == flavorName) {
                        variant = currentVariant;
            if(variant != null) {
                if (flavorName == 'strawberry') {    
                    if (buildTypeName == 'release') {
                        apiKeyField = new"String", "WS_API_KEY", '"strawberry_release"')
                    } else {
                        apiKeyField = new"String", "WS_API_KEY", '"strawberry_debug"')
                } else if (flavorName == 'chocolate') {                        
                    if (buildTypeName == 'release') {
                        apiKeyField = new"String", "WS_API_KEY", '"chocolate_release"')
                    } else {
                        apiKeyField = new"String", "WS_API_KEY", '"chocolate_debug"')

    To understand why this works, download the AOSP source code and check VariantConfiguration.getBuildConfigItems()

    Using Xavier’s answer throws a MethodMissingError. If I use variant.mergedFlavor.addBuildConfigField() there’s no error, but the variable isn’t added.

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